transportation in the nanaimo region


Nanaimo is strategically located on Vancouver Island to provide easy access to global destinations with full connectively via road, air, and marine infrastructure.  Nanaimo has a comprehensive transportation network designed to support and promote the growth of existing businesses and to facilitate the establishment of new operations. The modern and efficient transportation network includes an airport, two ferry terminals, two floatplane terminals, cruise ship terminal, an enhanced highway system, and a public transit system.  Deep-sea shipping facilities and storage and warehousing space is available through the Port of Nanaimo. Businesses have a range of options to access markets, customers and suppliers.

The Transportation and Warehousing Sector provides 2,495 jobs representing 4.8% of Nanaimo’s labour force (2016 Census).  The number of jobs in this sector remained virtually unchanged during the last census.  As of July 2019 there were 162 firms in the Transportation and Warehousing sector in Nanaimo.  The Nanaimo Port Authority, Nanaimo Airport, and the City of Nanaimo are working together to establish Nanaimo as the transportation and warehousing hub for all of Vancouver Island.

Source: Nanaimo Economic Development Office

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