tourism in the nanaimo region

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Tourism is an important economic generator for the Nanaimo area. In addition to the obvious revenues generated in recreation, travel, retail, restaurant and accommodation industries, the economic benefits of tourism are widely distributed throughout a network of businesses that support these industries with goods and services. Tourists are drawn to Vancouver Island's natural beauty and open spaces and enjoy a variety of recreational activities, access to cultural amenities, and affordable accommodation.

Tourism Economic Impact Study, December 2013

The Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation (NEDC) and Tourism Nanaimo have released an Economic Impact Analysis of the Nanaimo Region Tourism Sector. The NEDC commissioned Chemistry Consulting Group, a respected research firm, to undertake this impact assessment. The report provides up-to-date data and important information on the economic impact of the tourism sector to further support industry development and create a baseline for ongoing tracking.

"Tourism acts as a platform for a host of different industries in our community," said Lesley Anderson, Executive Director of Tourism Nanaimo. "It not only generates significant economic impact, but also showcases our community, attracting new residents and investment."

"This impact study demonstrates that tourism is a vibrant industry and significant contributor to Nanaimo's economy" said Sandra Petryk, Chair of the Tourism Leadership Committee. "It provides a benchmark against which we can measure the progress of our efforts in implementing the region's tourism strategic plan."

Nanaimo and Region is home to an estimated 2,154 tourism related businesses, and 551 tourism-related properties, which provide 3,370 household sustaining jobs in the region. The annual tourism-related employment income generated is approximately $90.3 million. After looking at various contributing sectors such as accommodation, retail, foodservices, entertainment, etc., annual visitor spending was calculated at $72.4 million, with an estimated $22.07 million collected in room revenue.