The City of Nanaimo is well served by the national and local telecommunication providers. High speed and high capacity voice and data services are available, connecting customers worldwide. Nanaimo is serviced by multiple data cables leading off the island, and thereby ensuring that your business connections are reliable and always available.

Telus, Bell, Shaw and Allstream all provide a full suite of services in Nanaimo. Each of these national companies can meet all your voice and data requirements. In addition to these established organizations, you will find many smaller competitive companies that can also provide similar services for your business.

High speed internet connectivity is available throughout the City. The downtown area of Nanaimo is exceptionally well serviced. Gigabit Internet speed is available from multiple providers and 4G/LTE wireless speeds are available from both national networks.

Free wireless hotspots can also be found around the City. The City of Nanaimo has partnered with several other organizations to provide limited free wireless in the downtown area, in the harbor and along the waterfront to the BC Ferries Departure Bay terminal.  All city facilities offer free wifi.

Nanaimo is a 911 service area. This emergency service is available through all wireline and wireless telephone providers.


Telus operates a comprehensive network of copper and fibre optic lines throughout the City to serve residential and business customers. In addition, they provide cellular coverage of the city through a network of tower sites that support the latest 3G (HSPA) wireless communication speeds. Telus provides full voice and data services from its office located in downtown Nanaimo at 400 \ Fitzswilliam Street. Voice service rates range from single business line to full PBX with PRI connections. Internet connectivity is provided for residential, SMB (Small, Medium size Businesses) and large organizations with ADSL and dedicated high-speed internet lines. For additional information, contact Telus at 1-888-811-2828.


Shaw has become a significant provider of voice and data services and they provide this full service in Nanaimo. They have complete coverage of the City with their co-axial and fibre optic cabling network. They also have a full service state-of-the-art production facility in Nanaimo. Shaw provides internet and telephone service to residential customers and SMBs. Additional information about these and other services can be obtained directly from Shaw at 250-760-1999.


Allstream provides limited services in Nanaimo, focused primarily on data communications and support services. They will provide Internet connectivity for your business, as well as service for your telephony and data processing equipment. For more information, contact Allstream at 1-888-288-2273


Bell provides full data and voice communications services in Nanaimo, focusing primarily in the downtown core. They can provide for your fully wire line and wireless voice needs, and share the 3G high-speed wireless service with Telus. For more information about Bell service, contact them directly at 1-800-561-0934.


Rogers Communications is a leading provider of Wireless service in Nanaimo. They are supported through their retail outlets and business customer service agents. For more information, contact Rogers directly at 1-800-980-5464.


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