technology in the nanaimo region


There is no standard definition for the technology sector.  The difficulty in defining the sector is driven by the fact that the overall economy is increasingly technologically-driven. Accordingly, the first step to creating a profile of the tech sector in Nanaimo is defining the limits of the sector itself.  In 2013, an economic impact analysis of the Nanaimo Technology sector was completed by Nordicity which included 19 unique NAICS codes.  The sector analysis below is based on the same NAICS codes.  It is important to note in the less obvious technology related NAICS categories a review of all businesses was completed and only those where majority of the primary business is utilizing technology are included.


The Economic Impact Study concluded Nanaimo Technology industry generated $204.1 million in revenues in 2012, and had expenditures of $155.2 million.  The Nanaimo Technology sector had a total employment impact of 2,730 jobs in 2012.  The sector generated $19.7 million in taxes in 2012 ($6.9 million in provincial taxes, $1.4 million in local taxes and $11.3 million in federal taxes).   For every $1 million in industry output, the tech sector in Nanaimo generates 14 jobs.

Nanaimo is keenly interested in growing its Technology sector and provides many competitive advantages. 

Green and Clean in the Nanaimo Region

ECO Canada defines the green economy as:
"The aggregate of all activity operating with the primary intention of reducing conventional levels of resource consumption, harmful emissions, and minimizing all forms of environmental impact. The green economy includes the inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes as they relate to the production of green products and services."

The green economy in Nanaimo consists of products and services that conserve the use of energy and natural resources, reduce pollution, provide alternatives to carbon-based energy sources and repurpose waste. Nanaimo has a strong base of such businesses spanning many industry sectors including land development, water conservation technology, scientific consulting, building products and supplies, natural resource management, waste management and retail. A selection of some of these businesses are profiled below to demonstrate the diversity and innovation found locally.

Click HERE to read the Nanaimo Region Green Energy and Clean Technology Report.