Supports new start-ups by providing: 

  • Guidance in developing a solid business plan
  • Comprehensive and customized local market research including demographic and economic trends for business planning
  • Referrals to relevant local, provincial & federal business resources

Attract new business by: 

  • Highlighting Nanaimo’s competitive advantages for business
  • Providing relocation and site selection services to incoming companies
  • Facilitate business connections to key community players, organizations, stakeholders and resources.

Promote nanaimo as:

  • A premier destination for new business and residents
  • A community with many competitive advantages to do business
  • A location that has an unparalleled quality of life

Foster Business Retention & expansion by:

  • Listening and responding to business concerns and providing customized solutions on a wide range of topics.
  • Identifying businesses at risk of leaving the community and working with them to resolve issues
  • Work with businesses considering expansion or with expansion potential to remove barriers and assist in successfully expanding operations
  • Providing assistance in exploring new export markets.  Assisting clients in accessing incoming and outgoing trade missions.
  • Gathering feedback from local business to monitor Nanaimo’s business climate
  • Work to create and foster a friendly business environment in the community