arts & culture in the nanaimo region

Cities across Canada recognize the increasing value of a thriving arts and culture sector. The Creative City Network of Canada makes the case for culture as an economic engine by demonstrating that culture based businesses and organizations not only provide economic benefits directly through revenue generation and employment, but also indirectly. This is done through the creation of spin-off businesses, attracting skilled workers in other fields, inspiring urban revitalization, and furthering the development of a unique community identity that can be leveraged for competitive advantage as a destination city for cultural tourism.

A vibrant arts and culture sector plays a key role in attracting and retaining skilled people, and this in turn has real economic implications for the region. Young people will choose to make their homes in the Nanaimo region as long as there is a desirable lifestyle and employment opportunities. A thriving arts scene will support both of these factors.

The value of gross output produced by the arts and culture sector in Nanaimo, including indirect and induced impacts on the provincial economy is a quantifiable figure. The total direct gross output attributed to the arts and culture sector in Nanaimo is estimated at $94 million in 2012. This is equivalent to $55 million worth of contributions to the provincial GDP, 880 jobs created, and $7 million in tax revenue to all levels of governments.

In addition to direct economic impacts, it is estimated that when indirect and induced impacts are included, total gross output impacts in the province are $154 million, total GDP impacts are $83 million, 1,330 jobs are supported, and $12.8 million in tax revenue is generated.