manufacturing in the nanaimo region


Source: Nanaimo Economic Development Office

The manufacturing sector includes businesses that are primarily engaged in the physical or chemical transformation of raw materials into new products. These products may be either finished (ready for final consumption) or semi-finished (used for further processing). Related activities such as assembly, blending, or finishing are also treated as manufacturing activities.

The Manufacturing sector in Nanaimo provides 2,420 jobs for 4.6% of Nanaimo’s labor force (2016 Census).  The manufacturing sector reported the highest percentage of job growth (45%) in the last Census.  As of July 2019, there were 155 businesses engaged in the manufacturing sector.  This sector accounts for 2.56% of licensed businesses operating in the City of Nanaimo. The manufacturing sector businesses are choosing Nanaimo for its cost advantages, quality workforce and excellent services and amenities.

Nanaimo is interested in growing its Manufacturing Sector and provides many competitive advantages.